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  • Young, Dumb, and Full of Comics (Signed)

    A comprehensive, curated collection of my old mini-comics, webcomics, and other stuff created in the last 25 years. Much of it has been out of print for over a decade. This will come signed, so if you want it signed to someone in particular, let me know...

  • Timing is Everything (signed)

    A collection of two of my favourite one-act plays, Photoshop Time and The Doomsday Clock. They both explore the fleeting nature of time and relationships, and they're both pretty funny. This is a signed copy - let me know in the instructions at checkout...

  • The Insult (signed)

    A signed copy of The Insult collection, which compiles all of the 2016 installments of my latest webcomic. See Mac rise up and overcome bullying in over a hundred ways!

  • Hey Judas (signed)

    My latest zine is an illustrated adaptation of Carmaig DeForest's song "Hey Judas", which was originally written as a takedown of Ronald Reagan. I updated it slightly to reflect the current administration and speculated what Hell would look like for...

  • An Otherworld (signed)

    My only full length play (so far), it's an affectionate satire of soap operas set in a soap opera universe. What happens when the people there start to realize that time isn't passing the way it should?